„10 years together. We have been building for 10 years. And even though we know that what one builds in years, people can tear down in one day, we keep building. We are the team that tries to solve your problems. For 10 years, through the programming of TVR 1, we have won your trust thanks to a serious approach to subjects”.

March 14, 2001 the show "Piața și Banii" enters the programme of TVR 1, a weekly debate with reports, which earned and defined its place. The viewers acknowledged it to be an economic programme, but with a great social impact. Its team tried and managed to solve plenty of people's problems. After 3 and half years of live broadcast, on October 1st 2004, "Piața și Banii" changed its format and its name.

A sectioned talk-show, with several subjects on each edition, crawl information, questions asked by phone during the live broadcast and by e-mail, sent under the title of "Interes General" (General Interest), produced by Sorin Burtea.

Even then, the viewers discovered it rapidly and started to contact us - tens of letters, phone calls and e-mails per edition and as many sorrows, problems and suggestions. „The workload" after each broadcast trebled but so did the joy, pleasure and communication of some favorable answers in the name of our team, in fact in the name of Public Television.

We count among the subjects dealt with: working abroad, consumer protection, the campaign related to the heavy leu, the credit market, interest market, inflation and economic impact, the pension system, the good watch... insurance, the SMEs and the European integration, Romanian tourist industry ... whereto?, European funds, capital market, duties and taxes, economic and community police etc.  

Even if some of the team members are no longer the ones they were at the beginning, the core is still the same. Over the years tens of students came for their internship to our shows. Some of them are now TVR employees.

Without the production, technical and artistic teams we would have never managed to improve the quality of our programming. For many years, Stela Iordache, production manager, Mihaela Chiper, image editor and Yolanda Miricioiu Mureșan, TV director have been with us.

We believe that it is worth mentioning that the same team directs the shows „Investiți în România! - Euroeconomia" (Invest in Romania - Euroeconomics) and „Investiți în România! - Afaceri de Succes" (Invest in Romania - Successful businesses) in live broadcast on TVR International every Wednesday, at 22:00 (Romania time). investitiinromania@tvr.ro

This way, we became the most rewarded team in TV economic programmes.


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